Pumpkin puree
Pumpkin puree.

Tools and ingredients for Pumpkin puree:

  • 1 Fairytale Pumpkin Squash.
  • baking tray.
  • strainer.
  • cheesecloth.
  • blender.


  • I use about 2 kg pumpkin. Clean the seeds and cut into big chunks, you can peel it first but skin on is also no problem cause we will scoop the flesh later.
  • Pre heat oven at 200 deg C. Arrange your pumpkin one layer onto baking tray, give about 3/4 cup water on that baking tray. You can cover pumpkin with aluminium foil.
    Bake about 1 hour until they soft enough to scoop.
  • Time of baking depends on how thick your pumpkin. Some other time I need more than 1 hour because I have very thick and big pumpkin.
  • After your pumpkin is soft thoroughly, move from baking tray and scoop the flesh from the skin (if you didn’t peel off), Let it slightly cool down on strainer, don’t forget to put a bowl under the strainer because some water will drop.
  • Use hand blender or food processor, blend the pumpkin to make puree. Put pumpkin puree on cheesecloth and strain the pumpkin water. Let it water drop for few hour until over night in fridge. This straining step is optional, but if you want to get right consistency as canned pumpkin you should do this straining process. And also some recipe require thick pumpkin puree (less water content). Don’t discard the pumpkin water, it full of minerals and vitamins, use for making something like bread.
    Actually you can cook your pumpkin puree to remove water content and of course it’s your optional. Cooking pumpkin puree make your puree has deep and richer orange color.
  • Keep your puree in ziplock bag or airtight container. Freeze up to 3 months.

Cook’s Notes:

From a 2 kg pumpkin I get yield about 780 g.

Recipe by: Citra’s Home Diary