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Our history began in the Yaqui Valley, located in the south of Sonora, Mexico where the Gutierrez Parada family has been farming on their land since the 1950s. Over the past two decades, the GreenPoint family of growers have taken us into a new era of premium quality and safety stands that we proudly hold.

We are pioneers in Agriculture Development

What began as a farming operation driven by open field production, has evolved into new state-of-the-art developments in protected agriculture.
Our vision is to become a leading supplier of premium quality produce throughout United States and Canada.
Our family tradition and our commitment to maintaining fresh and high quality products for your tables are what make us different.
And it is a story we are proud to share with you.


Greenpoint operates over 30 farms in Mexico

“Our farms have a legacy of excellence producing world-class produce”
We strive for excellence! In the past two decades, we have gone through the rigorous process of transforming every
one of our farms into sophisticated, world-class farms, dedicated to producing the finest produce available.
Our farms are strategically located in the major growing valleys of Sonora and Sinaloa, allowing us to extend our growing season from September to July.

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