White Corn

White corn is a good source of fiber that stimulates
the gastrointestinal system and contains vitamin E.

Mexico is one of the top shippers of White corn, buying more than half of the corn sent out from the United States.
White corn is regularly used in Mexico to make tortillas, tamales, cornbread, cornmeal, and more imaginative dishes, for example, frozen yogurt, cakes, and puddings.

White Corn is very flexible

Mexico is likewise known for its grassroots corn celebrations, which are a period for networks to assemble and respect one of their native yields.
White corn has a sweet, sensitive flavor suitable for any type of preparation such as broiling, sautéing, steaming, bubbling, and barbecuing.

The parts can be taken out from the cob and prepared into servings of mixed greens, pureed into plunges, or blended into pasta. They can also be integrated into biscuits, cakes, rolls, and bread, cooked into chowder, utilized as a garnish over pizza, squashed and broiled into squanders, or mixed with beans and utilized as a veggie lover burger patty.

GreenPoint’s White Corn

White corn is very flexible and can be used in practically any recipe calling for corn. Past blended arrangements, White corn can likewise be arranged essentially and filled in as a side dish. The whole cob can be barbecued, fostering a smoky wealth, or it very well may be steamed or bubbled for a lighter taste.

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