Yellow Corn

Vitamin A can mainly be found in yellow corn. Until the early twenty-first century, little attention was paid to yellow corn’s high beta carotene contents.

Yellow corn, which is simple to grow in African and Latin American countries where corn is a major food source.

Roasted, grilled, blanched, steamed, or pureed yellow corn are all options. Pastas and salads also benefit from its bright and sweet tastes.

Good combinations for yellow corn are: tomatoes, basil cilantro, lobster, pork, chiles, truffles, shelling beans, cream, nutty cheeses, peas, summer squashes, fennel, citrus, and scallops.

GreenPoint’s Yellow Corn

Yellow corn is also dried and milled into flour for baked products, tortillas, cereals, and as a crusting and crisping ingredient in savory and sweet recipes. Corn is also used to make oil, as a food and beverage sweetener, and as a foundation for beverage alcohol.

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