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Definition of Produce Distributor

A distributor of organic fruits and vegetables is a company or person who buys from local farmers and sells to restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets or food processing plants (usually fresh cuts services).

Fresh produce distributors focus on providing a wide range of fresh vegetables and fruits at the highest quality in the food industry. A successful product supply means fast deliveries at the highest standards of service and food safety. 

Food suppliers in the foodservice industry are determined by business strategies. Focus on creating strong bonds with your produce suppliers.

Supply Chain Model and Price

Supply chain, a network of individuals and organizations involved in the production of high quality fruits and vegetables, a food supplier takes part in this process. However, a full line distributor of produce understands and represents most, if not all aspects of it.

Price is also an important factor to consider. Have your budget at hand before speaking to a vegetable or fruit supplier, this will save everyone’s time. Prices from fruit and vegetable wholesale vary all the time, comparing different offers on quality produce to end at the best decision.

Quality and Expertise

Good service comes from following the requirements of the industry. GLOBAL G.A.P. is an invaluable certification to consider when searching for a fresh produce supplier.. G.A.P. stands for “Good Agricultural Practices”, and being GLOBAL G.A.P. certified guarantees safe vegetables and fruits. 

Responsible farming, transparency, customer service and fast delivery times are quality standards to look for in fruit distributors.

Choosing a supplier requires you to consider the growing conditions, harvest, precautions, specialty items, as well as packaging (such as crates or produce bins). Get a comprehensive understanding of their business approach by asking questions about their fields, team members, and brand values, among others. 

Good partnerships with produce distributors lead to successful businesses and satisfied customers. On the other hand, a troubled relationship with the produce company can and will cause problems to your business.

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